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The cooperation between roots and mycorrhiza, an association of a fungus with the roots of a higher plant is Mother Nature at her best, also known as Symbiosis. More than 90% of all today living plants have created a symbiosis with mycorrhiza. A lot of plant species we know now would not have existed without this symbiosis. Mycorrhizas are capable to help plants easier trough periods of “stress”. Mycorrhizae are working together with plants in exchange for carbohydrates, such as glucose and sucrose, to gain the plants a higher absorptive capacity for water and mineral nutrients. The hyphea of the mycorrhiza reach into the smallest corners of the soil you are using, something the relative thick plant root never will achieve. The absorption capacity of nutrients of the plant becomes at least a hundred times bigger than without the cooperation with mycorrhiza. is an informative site and has the goal to create intelligibility in the complexity of processes in the soil and in particular in understanding the mycorrhiza fungi.

Which mycorrhiza products should be used and which products not? Is it better to use mycorrhiza spores or mycorrhiza propagules? What's the difference between Endo and Ecto mycorrhizae? All this questions will be explained at the tips and tricks part.

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