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Yucca the 100 % biological wetting agent

Recovery of dry soil and when using as a wetting agent in foliar spray for a optimal flow out on your leafs.

The stem and root of this plant is used. This desert tree is familiar to the homegrown Yucca, and which can be found in the Southwest of the US, is related to the ‘Joshua Tree’. The Native Americans had many applications for the saponaceous leaves. Some reports claim they used compresses and bathes to resolve skin diseases, like ulcers. The extracts from the Yucca are dissolvable in both water and fat, which makes it usable similar to soap.

Yucca can be used complementary to the plants nourishment but also additional to the spray. The Yucca improves the flow out of the nutritious water (area-span), so your soils capacity to absorb the water is improved as well as the spread of the spray on the leaves. The Yucca schidigera contains natural sugars, which stimulates the condition of your soil in a natural way.


1.Dried up soil;

2.Seed and seedlings;

3.Moistening cutting-plugs;

4.Regularly use of Yucca improves the stability of the plants watering system.

One package is lasts 500 liters

Highly concentrated

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