Organic kit

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Complete organic nutrient kit for 10 pot plants or 1 square meter and a complete cyclus

Contents :

  • 50 gram symbiosis
  • 25 gram Bacto
  • 20 buffertablets
  • 1/2 liter Bac bloom

Step 1 : Incubate Symbiosis /mix through your soil

5 gram per plant, 1 gram close to the roots and mix the rest (4 gram) through the soil in your bucket. The mycoorhiza will make a entensive netwerk of fungi which will take care of all the needs of your plant. Only one time mixing through your soil is enough for the complete cyclus.

Bio-sannie Symbiosis mycorrhiza for a fast colonistaion on your roots

Step 2 : Push buffertablets in the soil, 1 tablet is enough for 5 liter soil.

The buffertablets have to pushed into the soil for around 10 cm, uptill week 3 flowering you only have to give tabwater without adjusting PH or EC.The buffertablets wil buffer your soil the complete cyclus but your plant have to get extra flower nutrients from week 3 flo.

Buffertablets for organic plant nutrition and buffering soil

Step 3 : Disolve bacto in tabwater, 1gram for 1 square meter

It is important to give Bacto the first time watering, this will help the soil life get started in the right way.Bacto will help root grow and mycorrhiza grow. Repeat this every 1-2 weeks and when needed.

Bacto bacteria for a fast starting soil life and mycoorhiza growth

Step 4 Bac bloom nutrients, to start from week 3 bloom

This liquid organic nutrient have to be disolved in water, the base is made of different kind of sugars, vinasses and molasses and will provide the soil life with the needed energie so they can multplie and feed your plant.

In the grafic we split our seeds in 3 catagorie's : Indica, hybrid and sativa seeds, in this way you can see the needed nutrients for your particular strain and what to give every watering gift. The grafic is to give a idea about what the plants need week by week. There is a lot of space to play around with the dosage and it is hard to overdose.

Last week only tab water without any nutrients !L

More is not always better !

bac-bloom scheduleBac organic bloom  flowering nutrients for your plant