Plant Vitality Plus

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Biological Plant Vitality Plus works for spidermites and thrips.

Easy to use bug killer in a responsible way !

We advise to use the PVP with the first signs of bugs and not let the bugs invest your plants, by using PVP as a spray on the leafs you are sure of getting the bugs dead. Repeat this every week to prevent a new explosion, this can be done uphill 2 weeks before harvest.

The first spidermites spray that works after 1 time spraying. It also kills the eggs by spraying the substrate and environment .

You can also use it for protection and preventive treatment of clones against mite's and trips.

Protects the plant against stress situations.

Non Toxic and Bio degradable.

Plant invested with spidermites can be killed with Bac plant vitality plus

Available in 250 and 500 ml bottles good for 5 and ten liter of spray

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