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Bac bloom for vigourous flowering

Bac bloom provides sugars for soil life and stimulates flowering. Bigger crops will be the result of the symbiosis between this fertiliser and the soil life.

B.A.C. bloom nutrients are especially been developed to meet all needs of your crop during the bloom cycle. We only use high-quality organic nutrient substances that can be absorbed easily. By using B.A.C. Bloom Stimulator, micro-organisms are activated to ensure that the necessaire elements from B.A.C. bloom nutrients are immediately available to your plants.

The balanced bloom nutrient guarantees that your plants have all the nutrients they need. This will enable a faster and better development during the bloom phase. You will especially have exuberant flower creation and forming. In combination with B.A.C. Bloom Stimulator, the B.A.C. Organic Bloom nutrient will make your crop more resistant against all kinds of soil diseases, (phytium/fusarium), insects and pests (trips/red spider mite) and any climate errors by the grower.

The use of Bacto and symbiosis mycorrhiza activates useful micro-organisms in such a way that your plants will benefit from an optimally balanced soil life. Bac bloom helps to feed the soil life.

Dosage: 1ml/liter start flowering and ending with 3ml/liter with a maximal of 5ml/liter

This product is certified by the soil association

Aproved by the Soil association Bac bloom

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