Spongepot seed

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Spongepot is the ideal germing medium for youre expensive seeds which exist of different types of peat and cocos with a organic glue which makes it the spongy feeling

The use of spongepots is extreamly easy, avoiding the usual mistake of using too wett tissues, soils e.o. The optimal moistureclimate is controlled by the spongepot.

stap 1 tijd om over te potten

The product will be delivered in a plastick tray which contains 20 spongepots in a sealbag to maintain the moister in these plugs.

How to use:

Get the spongepots out of the sealbag and put them on a plate or already in the propagator,then desolve the bacto in one liter of water and water the spongepots with it. In this way you will put in positive organismes to prevend the coming in from bad organismes!

bacto door roeren Bacto oplossing op spongepots gieten

After that put in a hole in every spongepot and the seeds can be putted in.If the seeds are putted in for around the 5mm upto 1cm the tray can be putted in the propagator  with the lamp on a 24/0 regime for a stable climate.

Detailed information about the use of this product you can find here: : http://www.spongepot.com/

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