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Bio-sannie is specialist in organic nutrients and how to use them in a natural soil life environment. By using Mycorrhiza fungi and soil bacteria its much more easy to grow a healthy plant which develop more yielding fruits, better taste just how mother nature meant it to be.

Bio-sannie is a online web-shop that is selling there products to end hobby user and wholesale customers, very  easy to use web-shop where you can pay with credit-card and bank transfer on secured web page's with ful privacy !

Mycorrhiza.eu and Bio-sannie are working to make the best possible mycorrhiza inoculants. Good products and strong information will go hand in hand for a good harvest !


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Our Bio-sannie products have rooted them selves into the marked and is used around the globe by hundreds of satisfied customers.

Spongepot is our most upcoming product, perfect environment to germ seeds and have optimal success. Easy to use and a must have for the serious grower.

New organic products

Organic kit


Complete organic nutrient kit for 10 pot plants or 1 square meter and a complete cyclus  Contents : 50 gram symbiosis 25 gram Bacto... More



Biochar, is a type of charcoal and is created through the process of Pyrolysis (burning when no or very little oxygen is present). Also knowed as terra... More
  • 1 liter 
  • 2.5 liter (+€11.55)
  • 5 liter (+€27.55)

Symbiosis mycorrhiza fungi


Mycorrhiza inoculant with rhizo bacteria Sannie is already growing for a long time with mycorrhiza's and in this years he came across some of the best... More
  • 50 gram 
  • 150 gram (+€18.00)
  • 500 gram (+€70.50)



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